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Simon Kaci is a Hungarian artist born in 1981.



Simon graduated at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and did his MA and BA degrees in Painting at The Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He has won a number of international awards and his artworks can be found in private and public collections in Italy, Hungary, Germany, UK, Portugal, Spain, UAE and USA.

People rely on their visual stereotypes for their perceptions and thinking.


With his art, Simon Kaci wants viewers to challenge their first visual association of classical and common themes. By giving up the customary way of observing and understanding these topics, a space is created for intuitions and emotions to guide conceptions – the same experience Simon goes through while painting.


To achieve this, Simon Kaci combines an almost classical painting style with surprising compositions, and unusual cutting of the objects. From his unique viewpoint, the compositions often seem to hide or leave out elements that would help viewers to arrive at a story. In such state of mind we – as viewers – are not able to arrive at final conclusions but only fragments of different ideas. 


His uniquely glowing objects and figures have a key role in creating a distinctive vibe that provokes a desire in the viewer to return again and again. The tension in his paintings draws their meanings towards abstraction, away from the reality of the figures and forms, resulting in an impossible and purposeless logical approach. His art challenges our views without trying to rationalize or explain. 




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